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Office Interior
Design Projects

Office Interior Design Projects

Elevating Office Interior Design in Hong Kong

Companies often look for a unique advantage to stand out, inspire, increase productivity and break new ground in Hong Kong. BOX Design offers exceptional and hassle-free turnkey office interior design and build services. We have been specialising in transforming corporate spaces, offices, and commercial interiors into productive and elegant spaces for over two decades.

Leading the Change in Modern Office Interior Design

At BOX Design we combine our multidisciplinary approach with advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality and 3D animation tools to create an immersive design experience. All these elements help us to make breakthroughs in modern office design and provide you with insights into an effective design approach to your office interior design. We focus on comfort, effective natural lighting, flexibility, and technology integration to create efficient and productive workplaces. With BOX Design, you can be confident that you will receive an office environment that inspires and empowers.

Fortress Tower

Educational Centre

1,200 square feet

Kowloon Bay

Designer’s Office

2,400 square feet

Tsuen Wan

LE2 Office

8,000 square feet

Tsim Sha Tsui

SI Office

8,000 square feet


Trans Pacific

2,800 square feet

Office with a View

Design and Productivity

Office interior design has always been underrated in Hong Kong. Unlike commercial and retail design, office designs may not face the customers in the first place; thus, few companies invest in office design. Because of this, the link between workspace design and productivity is ignored.

By incorporating innovative ideas, clever ergonomics and special planning we believe a good office interior design can improve staff productivity and help cultivate an exemplary working environment.

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