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Commercial Interior
Design Projects

Commercial Interior Design Projects

Revolutionising Commercial and Retail Interior Design Projects

BOX Design has revolutionised the commercial and retail design in Hong Kong, earning a reputation as an industrial leader. Our expertise in commercial and shop design has transformed the retail landscape, garnering awards for innovation and aesthetics. Choose BOX Design to create captivating commercial and retail design environments that leave a lasting impression. We seamlessly blend design and functionality creating unique spaces that reflect your brand identity. With meticulous attention to detail, we deliver exceptional design experiences.

Commercial and Retail Design that Excites, Inspire ad Engage

BOX Design delivers exceptional results in trendy retail stores, stylish restaurants, and luxurious hotels. Our award-winning projects create immersive experiences through spatial planning, innovative materials, and strategic lighting. Collaborating with us unlocks the potential of commercial retail spaces, attracting customers, boosting brand recognition, and achieving success in a competitive market.

Tsim Sha Tsui

JDC Tsim Sha Tsui

1,000 square feet


JDC Central

2,500 square feet

Causeway Bay

Mako Causeway Bay

500 square feet


Mako Admiralty

600 square feet

Multiple locations

Eu Yan Sang

Multiple areas

Second Hand Store

Design and Productivity

With the vast number of bland street-level shops in the ever-expanding Hong Kong Commercial and retail scene it is hard to make a mark to entice customers towards your brand.

At BOX Design we optimise your brand image and combine it with our imaginative design concepts to create a Commercial or Retail Interior Design which not only excites and intrigues the senses, but also stands out and draws customers into your shop increasing foot traffic and turnover.

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