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The design for the head office of this sportswear company seamlessly integrates an office, a showroom, and a material library. Our concept aims to create a cozy, airy, and approachable interior with intricate design features that harmonize with the company's product background.

Inspired by the company's expertise in water sports and beach wear, the designers have introduced various design elements that seamlessly blend into the interior. As you enter, a custom-made, curved aquarium captures your attention, evoking a sense of relaxation and a cool coastal atmosphere. The curvature of the partitions is inspired by the graceful motion of waves, elegantly separating the general office from the showroom and lobby area.

Continuing along the path next to the curved aquarium, you will reach the inviting lobby area. Here, a luminescent drop light hangs alongside the aquarium, casting a warm glow reminiscent of a gentle sun. To further enhance the beach wear theme, monolithic, seamless, self-leveling flooring has been applied throughout the space, mimicking the texture of sand and bringing a cohesive element to the design.

By skillfully combining these elements of sun, waves, and beach themes, the designers have created a refined and minimalistic representation of the joyful moments spent at the beach.

Overall, the Transpacific Sports Wear Head Office stands as a breathtaking example of how design elements can reflect a company's product background while simultaneously creating a warm and inviting interior.

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