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BOX Design

Premier Interior Design Company in Hong Kong

BOX Design is a leading interior design company in Hong Kong. Our focus goes beyond creating spaces; we strive to craft experiences. Whether it’s a residential, office, retail, or another interior project, our team of professional interior designers has paved the way, ensuring that every corner reflects the unique personality of your brand.

Leading the Way in Innovative Interior Design

We are committed to embracing innovation and digitalisation by choosing to work with advanced technologies. We use tools like virtual reality and 3D animations so you can get an immersive and digital preview of our design vision. It allows you to experience the space before moving forward with your vision.

Meet Our Team of Experienced Interior Designers in Hong Kong

The team at BOX Design includes experienced and skillful professionals with a design-driven mindset. Each interior designer is not just an expert in their craft but also brings experience and knowledge gained from their education and work both in Hong Kong and around the world. Our team shares a common passion: to create meaningful spaces that tell stories.

Start Your Interior Design Project Now with BOX Design

Interiors can make experiences, and there’s no need to settle for anything less than extraordinary. At BOX Design, we craft remarkable spaces that make a lasting impact, bringing brand-new interior design ideas to you. Let us transform your current space into a never-before-seen masterpiece. Contact our team today to see how our services can help you or your brand in Hong Kong.

One of the core values of BOX Design is to understand your unique personality and desires. Our team of architectural and interior designers embraces this belief. By combining careful analysis with innovative concept development, we create exceptional spaces and interior experiences for homes in Hong Kong. Before starting any project, we listen closely to your needs objectives, and visions, working together to design interiors that fulfil your needs and budget.





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