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SINO SHOWHOUSE is a stunning duplex that we had the pleasure of designing as a showcase home for Sino Lands. Our goal was to highlight the understated elegance of multi-level family living while taking advantage of the spectacular views of the Shatin Racecourse.


To fully capture the captivating breadth of the racecourse, we expanded the living room and introduced a lounge area adjacent to the living and entertaining space, thereby infusing the interior with natural light. Each bedroom was given a distinctive treatment, though a common warm Chocolate Walnut theme ran throughout. We maintained a consistent ambiance throughout the three levels of the duplex, ensuring design consistency and enabling each space to flow seamlessly into the next, thereby connecting the duplex as a whole.


We incorporated chrome accents to complement the warm walnut tones without overpowering the space. These subtle details highlight areas of interest and contribute to the overall aesthetic of the home.


On the rooftop, we created a stunning outdoor dining experience next to a large rooftop pool. The seating and viewing platforms overlooking the racecourse make this the perfect place to relax and entertain guests.

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