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This modern and sophisticated apartment, designed for an art collector, is located adjacent to Stanley Beach and boasts a commanding view of the sea, as well as a stunning 4,000ft2 private roof.


The design concept is unique in that the space was intended to serve not only as a family home but also as an entertainment venue. The bedrooms were positioned to the side for privacy, while the living room was placed in the centre to serve as the focal point for entertaining. A black marble waterfall feature separates the main entrance from the living room, creating an added layer of privacy.


The walls are adorned in a cream hue to allow the vibrant artwork to take centre stage, while the floor is constructed of quarry granite in a neutral grey shade.


A set of custom-designed hanging lights leads from the entertainment space up to the roof, which features a lounging area, pop-up sunbathing area, mini garden with a fragrant Frangipani tree, outdoor kitchen, roof toilet, and an illuminated river that creates a striking visual at night.

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