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This stunning apartment, with panoramic views of Victoria Harbour, was designed for an elderly couple with a passion for Chinese arts and artefacts.


The design concept involved fusing the idea of a museum with that of a comfortable home, enabling the interior to function as both. To achieve this, we opted for a natural colour palette featuring warm wood tones in light and dark shades, woven silk wallpapers, and stitched fabric wall panels. This approach imbued the apartment with an instant sense of depth and warmth that could not be achieved with simple white emulsion walls. This approach complemented the intricate artwork and artefact collection, allowing them to coexist harmoniously, creating a comfortable “Home Museum”.


We adopted a minimalistic approach to lighting, placing it only where necessary to highlight the displays, thereby enhancing the interior's drama.


The lines of the apartment were kept simple, allowing the intricate detailing of the furniture, artefacts, and fabrics to take centre stage.

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