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The objective of this project was to design a distinctive, minimalist dwelling characterised by clean lines in a multi-level structure, inspired by the design philosophy of the legendary Mies Van Der Rohe’s design philosophy of "LESS IS MORE.”


The dining room and a semi-open kitchen, located on a raised level, provide an understated backdrop, while the living room, situated on a lower level, seamlessly integrates with the garden, creating a visually compelling multi-level configuration. A mezzanine level, situated above the dining room, connects to the study, thereby establishing a multi-level connection.


The floor is finished in a continuous, monolithic, warm grey self-leveling finish, which flows seamlessly throughout the interior, creating a sense of continuity and unity. The exterior and garden are pebble-dashed to provide a uniform finish with a distinct surface texture.


The stairs are surfaced with solid oak, creating an intriguing sense of suspense as they appear to float up through the various levels of the house, culminating in the door-less open master bedroom.


In short, this project epitomises the design ethos of "LESS IS MORE," resulting in a striking, minimalist home that is both visually compelling and functionally efficient.

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