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This Duplex, located in the midlevels of Hong Kong, featured a long and narrow architectural footprint characterised by small windows, resulting in a dark, restricted, and claustrophobic interior.


To fulfil the client's request for a sleek and contemporary home, we opted to open up the front and side of the building with full-height and full-width windows, infusing the interior with natural light. However, due to the building's structural limitations, we could only achieve this on one side of each floor. Consequently, we removed the old, awkward concrete staircase and replaced it with a stunning new frameless glass multilevel staircase spanning three floors, featuring a glazed ceiling that bathes the interior in natural sunlight, penetrating through three levels. The open-plan layout, featuring concealed secret doors that can be closed off when necessary, creates a sense of spaciousness and fluidity, accentuated by the infusion of natural light.


The colour palette is natural, with a contrast provided by the use of warm Lapacho wood and striking black Italian stone. The design concept is minimalist, characterised by simple lines and language to create a sense of understated elegance.


The master ensuite was designed as a Japanese bathhouse, featuring a large sunken seated bath that provides easy access for children, and a skylight composed of glass blocks overhead, allowing natural light to filter in.


The rooftop offers a spectacular view of the Hong Kong skyline and is designed for entertainment and outdoor dining.

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