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THE BAY HOUSE was meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with its stunning coastal surroundings while providing a practical yet visually stunning family retreat.


Given the elongated footprint of the property, which posed challenges in terms of natural light penetration, the entire design was centred around maximising the capture of natural light.


To facilitate this, the house features an open-plan kitchen that connects the front and back of the property through large, glass doors that can be closed as needed. Further, a glass staircase floods the interior with daylight, forging a harmonious union of space and energy against the backdrop of hand-applied Moroccan plaster.


The master shower boasts collapsible, transparent doors that open out to the bay, offering a breathtaking view and a serene atmosphere for intimate daily rituals.


The roof has been transformed into a veritable oasis for hosting family and friends, complete with a full-sized BBQ area, a mini bar, sun lounges, and an outdoor shower, all set against the backdrop of an idyllic sea view.


In essence, THE BAY HOUSE serves as a prime example of how skilful design can elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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