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Home Interior Design Projects

Redefining Home Interior Design in HK

Every home has a unique story waiting to be told, and at BOX Design, we specialise in bringing these stories to life through our creative and hassle-free turnkey home interior design and build services. In Hong Kong with so many bland buildings and interiors coexisting in the same space, standing out and making a lasting impression can be challenging. With over two decades of experience, BOX Design has been dedicated to creating interior spaces and blending creativity, comfort, and luxury. We are constantly breaking new ground in home and residential interior design by integrating advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality and 3D animation tools to create an immersive design experience.

Creating a Personalised Home

One of the core values of BOX Design is to understand your unique personality and desires. Our team of creative and experienced interior designers for home embraces this belief. By combining careful analysis with innovative conceptual development, we create exceptional residential interior experiences for unique homes in Hong Kong. We listen closely and carefully to your requests and objectives to design interiors that fulfil your needs and budget.


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Luxurious Kitchen

Balance of Classy Luxury 

As experts in home design in HK, we face a unique challenge: the high property prices in Hong Kong. Every inch of space is valuable, so we, as luxury home interior designers, need to use space well and balance functionality and aesthetics.

Aesthetics is not just about adding luxury decorations everywhere. It should also include positive and negative spaces to leave room to create impact. This is our belief and our conceptual approach to interior house design projects. Balance is the “key” to creating a classy luxury – an interior design that lasts.

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